Monday, September 15, 2014

The NFL.... Morals...Society and What Will Really Happen

So after a weekend media circus on the AP story and a counter by Ray Rice both stories led where I thought they would. First,  let me say I have no use for ANY man that strikes a woman, a child or an animal.

Your a straight out coward.... no strike that you're a worthless little toad of a human being. With that said we live in a very cruel society and way way too many people continue to miss the cold hard facts here.

First it's not a "pro sports "issue. It goes on daily to regular everyday people. So why do some of you pull the shocked and disgusted crap on social media when Barbara your neighbor down the street is getting roughed up ? Please refrain from BS me about your morals, etc when from many other posts you don't practice what you preach.

Second the NFL is a business. It's not here for the moral compass of the US. It operates for the bottom line. The NFL will NOT change when the stands are full and the ratings went up not down from this.

Again many of the "outraged" and it's disgusting crowd were watching the packer game...tweeting or writing /working their respective blogs. Your "outraged" but what the hell I'll fill the NFL coffers nonetheless. Basically you want your cake and eat too. Spare us the drama and focus on the real issues.

Until the laws in this country change and society starts holding everyone equally responsible not just those in the spotlight then frankly your all wasting time and blowing hot air.

I challenge each of you who really care to take a day off... go to your local civil/family/state court day and see what really goes on around you. Maybe just maybe you get to understand this issue in real terms ...not in the glaring TMZ spotlight.

That's the long and the short of it.