Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Morning Thoughts And Rants

Another Sunday and Monday is oh so close. This restless weekend makes me wonder if social media is really worth the hassle.
So many people use it to push their personal political and social views now I can hardly stand it at times.I need it for my website which in a couple weeks is something I can get lost in again.... I need football season so I can unwind a bit again.

Reading Jason Wilde this morning while touching enrages me. That women still need to get "skinny" for society and any man is insane. Nothing wrong with curves and really it's the soul of a women that you need to touch to get a true attraction.

This should not be happening anymore. The fact we still can't provide mental help to people without it being taboo is disgusting and every politician is to blame.

On that same kind of subject we have had a running discussion on health care at the forum. It dawned on me last night after a lengthy talk on litigation attributing to the cost of health care that most of congress are lawyers ! Including Obama himself ! No wonder they don't pass laws to prohibit frivolous law's professional curiosity to their fellow attorneys !

On a different note my 86 year old mother is moving closer to my sister. This mess has stirred up more bad family blood. I love my mom dearly but my relationship with my siblings is so fractured that when my mom goes someday I doubt we talk much if at all anymore.

Really tough summer and one I hope ends soon. Have a great week and take what the good lord gives you each day with a smile.

Blessings to all


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